what to look for in a fitting

All Golf Club Fittings are Not Equal

Cool Clubs prides itself on being brand neutral. We have no affiliation or preference for a particular manufacturers product.

We independently test all the equipment we specify using in-house developed testing equipment.

We change golf club suppliers from time-to-time to ensure we only stock the best performing equipment at any time as tested by us.


Your fitter should be experienced and be a dedicated club fitting professional.

Club fitting is a skill that takes a long time to learn and become proficient. Cool Clubs invented the dedicated club fitter. Club fitting is all we do.

Free Advice is Worth What it Costs

When looking at getting club fit it seems everyone has an opinion. We see people giving advice to people they have never seen, let alone measured.

Often this occurs online and we have clients arrive with preconceived ideas about what will work and what won't for their swing. This is usually misleading at best.

Equipment Range

To reach the best performing set of clubs, it is unlikely that the same brand will work best from Driver to Wedge.

Your fitter should have a broad range of premium equipment available in sufficient variation to get your club specification right.

If you have a preference for a particular manufacturer, your fitter should be able to show you the pro’s and cons of sticking with that manufacturer and still deliver the best results possible within that constraint.


Gone are the days when the best fittings were achieved with a fitting cart and someone asking if a particular head/shaft combination feels better than some other combination.

With Trackman® and our in-house developed software, we have removed trial and error from the fitting process. Our technology and the experience of our master fitters means we know why we get our clients to try certain combinations and can measure whether it works better than another combination.

Having access to the best tour technology such as SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System to your shafts along with a build shop capable of building to tour standards is vital to delivering the clubs you ordered to the specification determined by the fitting.


All brands of head and shaft manufacturers test differently and report results in ways that sometimes do not enable real comparison between different suppliers.

Cool Clubs has developed test equipment including the S3 Shaft Analyser which allows us to objectively measure the performance of all the equipment we recommend.

This testing is input into our software and allows much greater insight into the strength and weaknesses of the equipment we are recommending.

Club Fitting Process

Understanding the process of club fitting is critical getting a good outcome. The best results are achieved using a controlled environment with as few variables as possible. Your fitting should be:

Range based.
Hitting onto a range allows Trackman® to get accurate information and allows the fitter to see ball flight.

Tournament Golf Balls
Premium golf balls should be used for all fittings never range balls

It's not about the equipment
The objective of the process should be to achieve the best possible combination of equipment for your swing. So your fitter should talk to you about your swing, your bad shots and your objectives.

You should never feel pressured to buy a particular brand. You should have free access to a detailed specification.