how are we different?

Research & Development

Cool Clubs is unlike any other cub fitter. We are an R&D company that fits golf clubs. Our attention to detail includes building a lot of our own test and build equipment. Much of our equipment can be found in Tour trucks and OEM manufacturers.

Software & Testing

All that R&D, testing and measurement makes it's way into our S3 fitting software. This is used directly by our master fitters during a fitting session to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Fitting Facility and Process

R&D is useless if you are stuck hitting balls indoors and cannot see real ball flight. All our Australian facilities are range based, utilise matt and grass areas, use tournament quality golf balls and Trackman launch monitors. This gives the best club fitting available anywhere.

Fitting Equipment Matrix

Our test capabilities are used to determine what makes it into our fitting stock. Club and shaft performance is what we use as our yard stick not favoritism for one manufacturer or another. Brand neutral and proud of it.

Golf Club Build

After all the effort we put into our understanding of the clubs we fit we go the extra mile to build clubs to a standard exceeding those that are available to tour players. We don't raise the bar we are the bar!