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Breakthrough Putter Shaft Technology

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Barney Adams founder of Adams Golf has returned to golf with his stability shaft. Multi material have been common in all clubs from driver shafts to irons for many years. Steel putter shafts have been the only option for putter heads until the new technology from Breakthrough Golf Technology BGT.

The goal of the BGT shaft is to reduce torque in the shaft and thus make the keep the putter face square at impact. This makes for a more predictable roll, increased ball speed control  resulting in better distance control and a solid feel that needs to be felt to be understood. The shafts composition, taper design and aluminum connector all contribute to the overall performance of the shaft.

There is a lot of hype about new golf equipment that is sometimes not evident in the golf clubs that you put in your bag. Our testing and the results from customers put this shaft in a very different light. It delivers on the promise and surprises most people when they first try the shaft.

The PGA Tour has a lot of people being paid a lot of money to use a particular brand or product. But most PGA players are very careful about their putters as that’s where they win tournaments and make money. So players like Justin Rose and others on all major tours are using them because they provide a benefit to their game and thus to their outcomes.

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