ultimate fitting

Full game analysis and performance fitting


Cool Clubs’ Ultimate Fitting Experience is a FULL DAY total game analysis and makeover.

Our ultimate takes you through your entire bag from Driver to Putter with no stone unturned to find the right components for your swing.

At the end of an Ultimate you will have absolute confidence the clubs we specify will deliver the best possible outcome for your game.

Included in the Ultimate fitting :

If you feel comfortable with your current putting then our Tee-To-Wedge fitting omits the putter components of this fitting.

If you feel that 6+ hours hitting golf balls is too much give us a call and we can split it across two days. Simply book the Ultimate Fitting (over 2 days) option and break up the fitting how you like.

6-7 Hours

Included in the Ultimate

This full day session is aimed at pure performance evaluation and the development of your unique set of specifications to help you get the most from your game.

Once completed your fitter will explain all the relevant data to you and help you make the best decision on your equipment needs.

Fitting Process

Your fitter will take you through four range based fitting processes. These will include a driver fitting, long game fitting, iron and wedge fitting all completed on the range using premium balls.

Second a putter fitting session will be conducted ensure your putter is specifically matched to your stroke.

The day is broken into a morning and afternoon sessions and includes lunch, refreshments and snacks.

Our sole objective is to help you improve your golfing performance from the tee to the green.

Range Based

All our fittings occur hitting directly onto the range with premium golf balls.

This allows Trackman® to get the best possible read of your swing characteristics and your master fitter can see the flight of the ball. This allows us to configure the best head and shaft combination for your swing.

What to Bring

When you come for any fitting at Cool Clubs be sure to bring all your golf clubs, golf shoes and your glove. Wear clothes that you normally golf in and be prepared to have a good time.

Book all on one day (6 Hrs)

Split Ultimate Book 1st Day

Split Ultimate Book 2nd Day