benefits of GOLF club fitting

The Benefits of Being Fit

We are often asked who benefits from getting clubs custom fitted? The simple answer is everyone benefits. As a general rule after tens of thousands of fittings we see the greatest benefit, in terms of lowered scores, coming from the highest handicappers.

We are also often asked if lessons or fitted clubs are the best thing for your game. We don't see these options as mutually exclusive. Lessons help and so does correctly fitted and built clubs. Each enhances the results achievable from the other.


Golf is a challenging game for all golfers and that includes beginners. There is a lot to think about and a lot to learn.

Although the beginning golfer’s swing dynamics have not yet been fully defined, important characteristics like swing speed and attack angle show themselves early in the process.

A club fitting for beginning golfers is focused on providing a strong foundation on which they can build a rapidly improving game for greater enjoyment.


Club fitting for junior golfers incorporates our same proven club fitting process.

The physical attributes of junior golfers—height, weight, strength—can change dramatically from year-to-year. Their swing speeds, lie angle, face angle and angle of attack will all change as this happens, so the clubs played need to be adjusted to account for these changes.

It doesn’t make sense to equip young juniors with more expensive custom shafts because they will grow out of clubs quickly.

A Cool Clubs fitting for juniors will identify the best clubs for the junior’s unique swing and we’ll configure them precisely to the settings identified in the fitting.

Custom fit clubs can make an important difference for highly skilled juniors playing competitive golf. Having better distance, accuracy and increased confidence with each club can help shave strokes off of scores.

Womens Golf Club Fitting

Do Women Require Different Golf Club Fittings?

We often get this question. The answer is no they don’t. A club head or shaft doesn’t know whether it is being used by a Beginner, Woman, Man or Junior.

The same variables that affect men affect women. Swing speed, Ball Speed, Swing Dynamic all affect the club composition that works best for any swing. These and many other variables affect the shaft flex and club head chosen to get the best performance.

Women golfers at every skill level have essentially the same issues as men and are seeking to achieve the same results as men when it comes to their golf game.

We custom fit clubs to the individual swing not to a perceived requirement based on age, gender or skill level. A Cool Clubs custom club fitting for women follows our proven data-driven process.

At Cool Clubs we fit to ensure your equipment works best for you and increased your enjoyment of the game and results in a lowered score.

20+ Handicappers

You don’t need to be a highly skilled golfer to enjoy this great game or to benefit from custom club fitting. At Cool Clubs, we fit clubs for 20+ handicap golfers every day and we see some of our best results from this skill level. Avid golfers with a passion for the game are thrilled to shoot their best rounds, whether that is in the 70′s, 80′s or 90′s.

A Cool Clubs' custom club fitting for a 20+ handicap is focused on getting the most out of a given swing. For some just learning the game, this means making sure the shaft stiffness and club head settings are optimized for swing speed and club path. For seniors that were once lower handicaps but now have slower swing speeds, this means setting up clubs to provide more carry and taking advantage of new shaft technology to maximize distance.

The benefits to 20+ handicaps of custom club fitting that produce significantly improved results include:

Maximized Club Forgiveness
Golfers at this skill level can struggle with consistent ball striking, so, it is important for club heads to have as much built-in forgiveness as possible. Current club technology has dramatically improved the shot performance for off-center hits—greater distance and accuracy are the result. A Cool Clubs' fitting will identify the best club heads and shafts from all the leading manufacturers that deliver consistently improved results for your unique swing characteristics.

Improved Accuracy
Many 20+ handicaps consistently make solid ball contact, but their swing pattern causes significant side-to-side dispersion. This results in costly lost balls, poor on-course positioning and higher scores. A Cool Clubs' fitting will clearly identify the golfer’s common swing dynamics and then set up the clubs so they work more effectively for that specific swing. In many cases, the club configuration can offset swing flaws to produce consistently straighter ball flight. It is extremely rare to achieve this level of performance buying off-the-shelf clubs.

Optimized Ball Launch Angle and Carry Distance
Some 20+ handicaps consistently hit the ball too high because their clubs are not well suited to their swing. This results in lost distance and greater inaccuracy. Others have a hard time getting sufficient loft on their shots, resulting in shorter shots. A Cool Clubs' custom fitting will configure the golfer’s clubs to provide optimized ball launch angle and carry distance for each club based on their unique swing dynamics.

10-20 Handicappers

Custom club fitting aims to improve a golfer's score and of course enjoyment of the game. At Cool Clubs we see mid-handicap golfers (10-20 handicap) who have generally mastered the basics of a solid all-round game. However, they are far from satisfied—they are motivated to achieve continued improvement and to working toward a single digit handicap. A Cool Clubs' custom club fitting gives them the best opportunity to accomplish that goal and to derive greater enjoyment from the game.

Mid-handicap golfers make consistent ball contact, but will have a few poorly hit shots each round that cost them. When we evaluate the configuration of their clubs during a fitting, we often find significant discrepancies that can explain some of these mis-hits or why one or two clubs don’t perform as consistently as the others in the bag.

While a professional or low handicap player may use club-fitting to shave a half-stroke a round off of their scores, we very often see mid-handicaps drop 3-5 strokes or more off of their average scores after a club fitting. They tell us that having properly configured clubs for their unique swing dynamics delivers the following benefits:

Improved Consistency
After a fitting, each club delivers better and more consistent results on the course. Each club also performs more consistently in relation to the other clubs, which removes uncomfortable yardage gaps. The improved consistency means more good shots, fewer costly errors, and improved scores.

More Distance & Better Accuracy
Mid-handicap golfers benefit significantly from the improved distance and accuracy delivered by club-fitting. There are fewer balls in the rough, bunkers and hazards, more greens become reachable, approaches to greens are made with lower irons—all contribute to significantly lower scores. Well struck shots deliver better results and even slight mis-hits have better outcomes. The data obtained from a Cool Clubs' fitting—swing speed, ball speed, ball spin rate, launch angle, and others—enable our club fitters to get the most distance and best accuracy out of each golfer’s unique swing characteristics.

Take Advantage of Technology
The rapid improvement in club and shaft technologies has transformed the game for mid-handicap players. The consistency, distance and accuracy delivered by clubs properly tuned to your swing is magnified by taking advantage of new technologies. Cool Clubs offers the latest technology from all leading club and shaft manufacturers, and a club fitting will identify for each golfer the best technology that optimizes results for their unique swing.

Professionals & Low Handicappers

Professional golfers and skilled single digit handicap players know specifically what they want and need out of every club in the bag. Even small inconsistencies or errors in club configuration can have a significant impact on their ball-striking, scoring and competitiveness. These golfers have clubs that are close to optimum for their swing, but need them fine-tuned to shave those last couple of strokes off the scorecard.

At Cool Clubs, we’ve fit hundreds of touring professionals and thousands of skilled low handicap players. Our expert club fitters have a insightful understanding of the launch monitor data and how it can identify important incremental adjustments that produce improved on-course results. Our club builders carefully craft each club to the finest tolerances in the industry. The result is clubs that are as precisely tuned to a well-trained swing as possible.

A few of the most important club-fitting benefits our professionals and low handicap golfers tell us they receive include:

Each club through the set performs consistently each time they are used and in relation to all other clubs. The distance gaps between clubs are consistent and at desired levels. The performance characteristics of each club—launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor, landing angle—are carefully targeted and clubs are configured to achieve the targets. A Cool Clubs' fitting maximizes consistency through the bag and through the round.

For highly skilled golfers, more often than not success comes down to confidence and trust in executing the needed shot when required. After a Cool Clubs' fitting, our customers tell us they know the club is ideally configured to their swing dynamics, and this gives them added confidence to execute each shot to the best of their ability.

Ideal Ball Flight & Dispersion
It is important for professionals and low handicaps to produce a desired ball flight with each club—the right trajectory, the right landing angle, the right horizontal movement (draw or fade). It’s also critical that each club delivers a tight side-to-side ball flight tolerance. A custom club fitting with detailed launch monitor data ensures that each club is precision-tuned for the right ball flight and dispersion results.

Finest Technology
Our professionals and low handicap players tell us that to compete effectively they have to take advantage of emerging technology advances in club design and materials. Cool Clubs offers the most current lines of all major club and shaft manufacturers, so our customers know they are playing the best equipment and technology available that is finely tuned to their swing dynamics.

Confidence & Trust
For highly skilled golfers, more often than not success comes down to confidence and trust in executing the needed shot when required. After a Cool Clubs' fitting, our customers tell us they know the club is ideally configured to their swing dynamics, and this gives them added confidence to execute each shot to the best of their ability.