brand neutral golf club fitting

Brand Neutral and proud of it?

Cool Clubs prides itself on being brand neutral. We have no affiliation or preference for a particular manufacturers product.

We independently test all the equipment we specify using in-house developed testing equipment.

We change suppliers from time-to-time to ensure we only stock the best performing equipment at any time as tested by us.

Why Should This Matter to You?

Brand neutrality means we fit you to get the best performance out of your swing as we can.

We have an extensive range of heads and shafts and only have your results in mind when we are fitting you.


Manufacturer Neutral
Objective using Trackman indoors and outdoors together with our proprietary software and many years of club fitting experience.

Manufacturer Aligned
Often subjective using the feedback you give to decide whether a club feels better or worse than another.


Manufacturer Neutral
Careful selection of components designed to ensure your individual specification is achievable.
All measuring equipment from fitting to build to quality control calibrated to ensure they produce the same result wherever a measurement is taken.
Tour level end product built to the tightest specification in the industry.

Manufacturer Aligned
High volume build shop valuing throughput over consistency.


Manufacturer Neutral
Huge range of high performing shafts all tested on our S3 shaft analysis machine. This gives us the actual performance of the shaft relative to all other shafts we stock.
Shafts flexes are fine tuned in our software using the FM scale from -4 to 8 in 0.1 increments.
Shaft Puring so each shaft is aligned correctly to the swing plane to ensure high consistency across all your clubs.

Manufacturer Aligned
Limited number of stock shafts that are fitted based on subjective feel. Shaft selection mainly price based.
Shafts come in 3 or 4 flexes meaning if your swing falls between flexes you might not get a good fit.
No access to high performing after-market shafts.


Manufacturer Neutral
Scores of drivers, fairway, rescue and irons to use during your fitting from the major brands.
Only the best performing heads at any one time are stocked. This varies from season to season as new products are released.

Recommendations are based of objective testing of all heads against each other to discover how they actually perform not marketing hype.
The fitting will quickly narrow down to the heads that are best suited to your swing.

Manufacturer Aligned
Limited number of heads maybe as few as one or two for the driver.
Strangely one of the limited options is always right for you. Ever wondered why this is so?
If you know their head is best for you then use it. But how would you know?