Tour level club building

Why Have Cool Clubs Build your Clubs

Randomly pairing a head and shaft will always result in a club that cannot be built to your individual swing dynamics and specification.

A golf club specified for you is more than the sum of the components. Whilst you can get the components elsewhere and get anyone to build the club it will not result in a club that meets Cool Clubs specification.

Cool Clubs goes to great lengths to ensure our tour level specifications are calibrated to our build equipment. This takes time, knowledge and a great deal of effort. It results in a club of tour quality that exactly matches your fitting specification.

Our specification produced on other building equipment will result in an unpredictable outcome.

What's Different About Our Club Building?

Cool Clubs build process is designed to produce clubs to a standard until now only seen on the PGA tour. This quality is now available to amateurs and touring professionals alike.

Cool Clubs builds with the latest, high accuracy, equipment and worlds best practice procedures and outcomes. Much of our build and test equipment is patented and manufactured by Cool Clubs to ensure your specification is what we build.

No two heads and shafts combinations are the same even within the same model. Cool Clubs selects individual head and shaft combinations from our extensive inventory that enable your specification to be built.

We take account of the individual head weight and shaft characteristics when choosing the components for your club.

How Long Will It Take?

Clubs ordered will normally be ready for pickup in two weeks delivered from our Scottsdale facility. Clubs built in Australia will usually take about the same time

Your master fitter will tell you what to expect at the time the clubs are ordered and will keep in touch through the build and delivery process.

There are exceptions to this for customised and unusual orders but your fitter will inform you of any delays to the normal delivery schedule.