Tour level club building

Custom Club Fitting: Unlock Your True Potential

Don't settle for randomly paired club components that fail to match your unique swing dynamics. At Cool Clubs, we understand that a golf club tailored to your specifications is more than just its individual parts.

Unlike other builders, we go the extra mile to calibrate our tour-level specifications with our precise build equipment.

This meticulous process, backed by our expertise and dedication, ensures that your club meets the highest standards and perfectly aligns with your fitting specifications. Choosing any other building equipment may lead to unpredictable results.

Experience PGA Tour-Level Quality: Cool Clubs Builds Your Perfect Club

Cool Clubs is revolutionizing the game by bringing PGA tour-level club standards to both amateurs and touring professionals. Our cutting-edge build process utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, adhering to world-class procedures for exceptional outcomes.

With patented build and test equipment exclusively manufactured by Cool Clubs, we guarantee that your specifications are meticulously crafted.Each head and shaft combination is unique, even within the same model. At Cool Clubs, we carefully select individual head and shaft combinations from our extensive inventory to ensure your club is built to perfection.

Our expert team considers the characteristics of each component, including head weight and shaft attributes, to precisely match your requirements.

How Long Will It Take?

Clubs ordered will normally be ready for pickup in two weeks delivered from our Scottsdale facility. Clubs built in Australia will usually take about the same time

Your master fitter will tell you what to expect at the time the clubs are ordered and will keep in touch through the build and delivery process.

There are exceptions to this for customised and unusual orders but your fitter will inform you of any delays to the normal delivery schedule.