GOLF club fitting

Not all Club Fittings are Created Equal

Fitting clubs has probably been around as long as golf. Club fitting, at a high level, is the process of determining what combination of Club Head, Shaft and Grip are best suited to your swing.

This process results in custom fit set of golf clubs which enhance your game and reduce your score.

The golf club fitting experience comes in many forms and with many outcomes. The fitting session can be anything from a basic 30 minute cart fitting without launch monitors relying on the experience of the fitter to a Cool Clubs state of the art fitting based on an outdoors driving range using tournament golf balls and accessing a wide range of heads and shafts.

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Ball Flight Doesn't Lie

A Cool Clubs fitting whether it's for Driver, Long Game, Irons, Wedges comes in several stages.

Each stage is designed to gather information and assist your club fitter in arriving at the correct club prescription for you. To achieve this we feel the only true way to get the best performance is to see ball flight. Something that can never be achieved indoors and never with range balls.

The Club Fitting Process

Current Club Blueprint

The initial few minutes of your fitting will be measuring your current clubs and a short warm up. We will measure frequency, lie angle, loft and length. After this process we will know whether your clubs are consistent with each other and consistent with the spec they were built to. This process can often show us where problems may lie.

Swing Measurement and Goals

During this time your fitter will discuss what you want to get out of the fitting, what your golf goals are and any problems you are encountering. You will hit some balls with your current clubs using the Trackman launch monitor and we will get a line in the sand for your current swing performance with your current clubs.

Performance Analysis

At this point we will start using the information gained in the previous steps, our in-house developed software, S3 Shafts Analysis data and the experience of your master fitter to methodically pair heads and shafts to arrive at the best combination to achieve your goals.

This, unlike many other fittings, is an objective process. We know much more about the performance of all the heads and shafts we have in our fitting matrix than any other fitter. So we can hone in on the best combination for your game.

Once this process is concluded you will have a recommendation for clubs that give you the best performance.

Club Building

Our club fitting process would be futile, for you and us,  if we don’t build your clubs to the same standard as they are fit. Getting clubs built elsewhere is an option for you but you should understand no one can build clubs to our specifications. They may say they can and may even be able to access the same components but they will not deliver the performance we promise.

Any club purchased from Cool Clubs is guaranteed to perform as well or better than the performance you saw during the fitting. This is because we build to an exact shaft frequency and to a tolerance that is to a tour standard.

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There are many things that will influence your choice of where, when and if you will get your golf clubs fitted. Budget, enthusiasm for golf, desired outcomes are just some factors influencing this decision.

Cool Clubs offers the peak fitting experience and outcomes available anywhere in Australia. Our premium fitting options and club building deliver on our goal that “Nothing is Left to Chance”.

If this is what you are looking for from your game and your clubs then make a booking and start the Cool Clubs experience with us.