s3 shaft analyser

How we compare shafts from our suppliers

The shaft is the component of the club that connects the club head to your body and is critical to the overall performance of your clubs.

Poor quality shafts or shafts with inconsistent performance are commonly used to build clubs.

With the S3's technology we can now guarantee the performance metrics that influence club consistency because they are measured on a single machine and ensure a reproducible and accurate measurement across shaft manufacturers.

The S3 removes any ambiguity and ensures the shafts we specify are the shafts we build. You can get access to our shaft data at S3 Technologies.

Why Did We Build The S3?

The S3 provides detailed and extensive information about every aspect of a shaft.

It takes over 180,000 measurements per shaft and we test 8 to 10 shafts of every model to understand how consistent they are and whether they should be in our fitting matrix.

What Does it Mean to Your Fitting?

Unlike all other fitters worldwide, whether independent or manufacturer based, we can use the S3 information to get better performance for your swing.

This information also means poor performing shafts don't make it into our fitting matrix and new shafts are only added when they provide some benefit that our existing shaft matrix cannot meet.

Why Not Use the Manufacturers Data?

Each manufacturer uses their own methods to test shafts. These methods are not standards based and result in it being very hard to compare shafts between manufacturers.

Cool Clubs can now directly compare shafts and use this information to ensure our fittings are the best available.

This is part of our Nothing Left To Chance philosophy.