DIREcted force putters

Cool Clubs are Proud to Fit Directed Force Putters

At Cool Clubs we fit Directed Force putters on our state-of-the-art putter fitting studio. This gives the best information available in the industry to ensure your putter works for your stroke. See more ...

Lie Angle Balanced

We have reinvented the balance of themodern putter. We call it Lie-Angle Balance.

It is perhaps best defined as the putter head’s ability to stay square through the ball during the putting stroke without any adjustments from your hands. The result - the body’s smaller and less reliable muscle groups relax, allowing a player’s stronger muscles to maintain control over swing speed and path. Lie-angle balancing creates a“pendulum-like” stroke with unmatched stability,ball direction and distance control.

Integrated Forward Press

Putters ship fully assembled with one of our revolutionary Press Grips - which feature integrated forward press technology. The putter shaft travels through the grip’s elliptical shape off-axis by 3 degrees, not through the center of the grip as found on most putters.This unique shaft alignment creates the forward lean players are looking for to hit up through impact without increasing the loft of the putter. With every stroke, the ball rolls top over more easily and the player is rewarded with a consistent feel.

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