C6 Blue


Fitting Options

50, 60

Our Take

Mitsubishi C6 Blue EI Profile
Mitsubishi C6 Blue EI Profile

From the manufacturer

It’s not just about flex, it’s about optimizing shaft frequency, weight, torque, profile, launch and spin, to help individual players hit it as long, straight and as consistent possible. We wanted to give our premium authorized club builders and fitters an exclusive line of high-performance golf shafts that can be fine-tuned to a golfer’s specific performance needs. Introducing the C6™ Series by Mitsubishi Chemical.

C6™ Blue is a smooth, well-balanced profile designed to perform for a wide range of player abilities. It’s the perfect balance of performance and playability.


Mitsubishi C6 Woven Tow Fiber Construction

Woven Spread Tow Fiber

Mitsubishi Chemical’s bi-axial woven material featuring ultra thin spread tow fiber delivers greater strength in compression due to reduced fiber bulking. Our thinner woven materials can achieve a superior strength-to-weight ratio vs. traditional carbon fiber woven prepregs due to more fiber, and less resin.

Mitsubishi C6 Shaft Comparison