TW 747 460


Fitting Options

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Greater ball speed x High trajectory • Low spin
= Explosive carry distance

The ultimate in high trajectory, explosive distance, and low spin!

Deep center of gravity weight:  9g (exchangeable)
Shallow center of gravity weight:  2.5g (exchangeable)

Ribbed carbon crown

The ribbed carbon crown uses the latest in carbon fiber (ET40/ Toray) for the first time in the industry achieving the world’s thinnest and lightest crown. *Positioning ribs internally enhances strength and creates optimum deflection.

*Comparison of weight (g) and thickness (mm) per 1cm2 of carbon area in 1-woods using carbon in the crown.
*Thickness excludes the ribbed portion
*As of August 31, 2018 according to company research


Ribs that resemble fangs are positioned in four places on the face. Enhancing the rigidity around the face in-creases the elasticity of the club face over a wider surface area as well as initial velocity. The drop that happens upon impact with the upper portion unique to low center of gravity models is also alleviated.


Use the torque wrench that comes with the Non-Rotating System to enable micro adjustments of the lie angle (max. +2º), loft angle (max. ±1º), and face angle (max. ±1.5º) without removing or rotating the shaft. Honma’s own unique superior angle adjustment function achieved with meticulous quality control at Sakata.