Ventus Blue


Fitting Options


Shaft Performance Characteristics

The exceptionally engineered Ventus is designed to significantly tighten shot dispersion and maximize ball speed especially on off-center shots. Ventus is a Tour-inspired profile and the first to include Fujikura’s all-new VeloCore Technology in an accelerated taper, ultra-stiff tip profile. Maximum energy transfer from the tip section boosts the clubhead’s performance and a straight taper design enhances loading and feel.

Premium Materials & Technologies

NEW VeloCore Technology

Full-Length Pitch 70 Ton Carbon Fiber – Ultra-high modulus material is about 150% stronger and more stable than T1100g

40 Ton Carbon Fiber – High-modulus material minimizes twisting

MCFC (Maximum Carbon Fiber Content) – Low resin content in the carbon fiber pre-preg

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