Daytona Speeder


Fitting Options


New for 2019, Daytona Speeder was designed utilizing all of the innovations in research and testing from the renowned Jewel Line from Fujikura, combined with the latest high-grade materials to deliver unprecedented distance and performance. Daytona Speeder is the first shaft to include high-spec carbon

“M40X” (exceeding T1100G) used to create more ball speed and Boron fibers are used full-length to ensure incredible feel.


Toray’s high-spec carbon “M40X” NEW

•Provides both fiber strength and elastic modulus simultaneously, improving strength by almost 30% while maintaining the same elastic modulus as conventional carbon fiber. The result – faster ball speed, higher velocity and incredible feel.

Ultra-high elasticity “90 Ton Carbon Fiber”

Ultra-high elasticity 90 ton carbon fiber is used full-length to maximize velocity and increase power at impact to create more ball speed.

MR70 × T1100G

Daytona Speeder utilizes both MR70 from the successful DIAMOND Speeder and T1100G from the stable PLATINUM Speeder full-length to create ultimate stability throughout the shaft for maximum energy transfer at impact.

RC15% – Ultra-low Resin Content

Ultra-low resin carbon sheet “RC15%” minimizes the amount of resin in the prepreg, eliminating unnecessary movement and increasing velocity.

High-Strength Boron Fiber

Often used in the tails of fighter aircrafts and wings of high-speed race cars due to its high strength and rigidity, Boron fibers have been integrated in the prepreg for total stability and control.