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Nothing to Scoff at and definitely not a last case resort''. Directed Force Putters, are definitely not for everyone and is a different concept but rest assured it works!

LAB golf have devised a putter in which they believe is the only true face balanced putter on the market.

Speaking purely in aesthetics for the moment the only other putter I can relate it to is the back strike that odyssey released a few years back now.

Directed Force call this concept lie angle balance which in short limits or stops any face rotation of the putter throughout the stroke.

I am a big skeptic when it comes to new gear especially when the company claim big innovation, but right now I am a believer.

I hit putts both left and right handed with the fitting putter and as a left handed golfer I could honestly say I would be confident putting either way.

On our 8 High speed cameras showed that aim and path was nothing short of incredible, with both Jack and myself hitting multiple putts in routine and trying to make the product unstable.

This putters biggest hurdle will be its looks.  

Looking more into the science behind the design is where a potential player of the club should focus.

'Centre shaft' and when I say centre shaft I don't mean centre of the face I mean in the middle of the actual putter.  

Forward shaft lean coupled with a forward press grip puts you into the correct position at address.

I can only describe the feeling as end of the shaft soles the putter out, rather then traditionally using the heel and toe of the head to find that perfect lie.

White sight lines down and across the face help with aim and draw your focus away from the back of the putter.

Forged head with CNC Milled face give the putter face a soft feel and consistent roll.

The back of the putter has a wing or ring in which you can rest a ball to find perfect lie, and obviously is specific to the weight placement of the product.  

All of the above makes for a very different looking unit.

Not something that I thought I would be saying by the end of the initial testing but this putter is extremely stable, feels great off the face and gives me confidence in every stroke I make.

I am intrigued and excited to see other reactions and results through the fitting process.

From the Manufacturer

We're engineers at heart.
Innovation has fueled the sport of golf for over 300 years — but we can guarantee you've never felt innovation like this. Our engineering team has been hard at work for over two years to bring our first putter model — the Reno — to life. One swing is all you need to see how we are redefining what to expect on the putting green.

Torque is an industry problem.

Players have been battling their putter's natural head rotation for years — the majority of which never realize they're doing it at all. Most golfers have learned to correct for it by adding uneven hand pressure to the club — introducing yet another variable into their putting stroke. Even today’s largest club manufacturers have acknowledged the issue, marketing putters with a variety of balance types — face balanced and counterbalanced, for example — yet none of these products solve the problem.

Achieving the correct face angle is one of the most important keys to sinking putts, and studies continue to show that putter face angle has the greatest influence — nearly 85%. The remaining 15% impact is from putter path alone — so the shorter the putt the more important face angle becomes.

Lie-angle balance is the solution.

Our team of engineers and golfing professionals have partnered to develop an entirely new formula and approach to club balance that eliminates unwanted head rotation and torque once and for all. We’ve literally reinvented the balance of the modern putter — we call it lie-angle balance. It’s perhaps best defined as the putter head’s ability to stay square through the ball during the putting stroke without any adjustments from your hands. The result — the body's smaller and less reliable muscle groups relax, allowing a player's stronger muscles to maintain control over swing speed and path. Lie-angle balancing creates a “pendulum-like” stroke with unmatched stability, ball direction and distance control.

Every putter we manufacture has our proprietary lie-angle balancing formula built-in, ensuring our players achieve the pure putting stroke they desire — and sink more putts!

Integrated forward press

Putters ship fully assembled with one of our revolutionary PressGrips — which feature integrated forward press technology. The putter shaft travels through the grip’s elliptical shape off-axis by 3 degrees, not through the center of the grip as found on most putters. This unique shaft alignment creates the forward lean players are looking for to hit up through impact without increasing the loft of the putter. With every stroke, the ball rolls top over more easily and the player is rewarded with a consistent feel.

Custom-fit for you

Since no two golf swings are alike, we decided to bring a personalized putting experience to the market. Each and every Directed Force putter is measured to your personal specifications — from shaft length to lie angle. To capture your natural putting stroke specifications and ensure a proper fit, we recommend seeing one of our certified fitting professionals to build your order or contacting our remote fitting team through this website.

Advanced engineering

Our proprietary formula and head design ensures a consistent center of gravity for every club we make — regardless of a player’s unique specifications. All of our putters are mechanically forged from 6061 aircraft aluminum and heat treated to eliminate any natural inconsistencies in the metal. Using precision HAAS CNC machines, our engineers interpolate the shaft hole to create a snug fit and clean look where the shaft connects to the head.

Most putters on the market today "flop open" as soon as the backswing is initiated — creating accuracy issues and the need to apply uneven wrist and hand pressure to keep the face square. L.A.B. putters were designed specifically to achieve a smooth, effortless, lie-angle balanced stroke.

*Our putters and grips are all USGA Conforming.