Hive Full Custom


Fitting Options

Bettinardi Hive putters bring together a full range of functional and cosmetic customisations that allow Cool Clubs to tailor a putter to your exact needs. Combined with our state-of-the art putter fitting we can ensure a putter that fits your putting style and expresses your individual aesthetic.

This custom SS28 was designed byour Master Fitter Jack Gilbert.

Jack is right eye dominant and wanted full shaft offset from a single bend shaft. 

The top-line was milled not only for linear aim, but to easily locate the centre of the putter face. 

The Finish is Texas Tea and although black now will mottle with time and become a blend of black and a rusty finish lending to the name "Old Betti". 

Made from Carbon Steel and with afly-mill face milling pattern this is a soft sounding putter with aresponsive feel and heavy 380g head weight.