Tour Z RPG


Fitting Options


The Tour Z RPG is ACCRA’s most technologically advanced golf shaft ever. The new RPG shaft joins the Tour Z family of shafts as a standalone product designed for Tour yet playable for a wide variety of golfers.

No golf shaft company uses more advanced materials, has better consistency, or tighter tolerances than the Tour Z RPG!

Acceptance on the PGA Tour has been swift with both the 300 series and 400 series being trusted by some of the world’s best golfers.

The Tour Z RPG is available in two designs and several distinct weights, yet all feature a similar profile that promotes maximum energy transfer. The smooth transition from an extremely stable butt section to a responsive tip section is unique due to the addition of its radial strength and resistance to ovaling.

The Tour Z RPG features 9 of the most advanced composite materials using less resin content of any shaft that ACCRA has ever developed. ACCRA has incorporated only Aerospace grade prepreg from Toray Japan to ensure the perfect symmetry of strength and power. Making the Tour Z RPG the smoothest feeling, maximum stability shaft in the industry.

Along with the high modulus materials a 360-degree quad weave that stretches the entire length of the shaft has been incorporated to maximize torsional strength and increase the speed in which the shaft recovers.

ACCRA looked at the needs of PGA Tour players and discerning golfers given the playability of the latest driver and fairway wood heads. The Tour Z RPG enables golfers to control launch and spin while increasing clubhead speed through its higher CG design and material difference.

The Tour Z RPG incorporates ACCRA’s proprietary technologies such as a Uniform taper design (UTT) to maximize energy transfer and Constant flex technology to add consistency to the fitting process. A certified professional club fitter can incorporate ACCRA’s proprietary “DyMatch” technology by using the 400 series in a driver and a 300 series in fairway woods to achieve maximum and consistent launch characteristics throughout a golfers set.

The Tour Z RPG needs to be tested to understand it’s unique characteristics and to understand the “real” material and design benefits.