club blueprint

Understand your Current Clubs


Ever wondered how consistent your clubs are? Whether they are gapped correctly? Whether they are even close to delivering the performance you could get?

Then the Club Blueprinting fitting is for you. We measure all your clubs from Driver through to wedges. We check Loft, Lie, Length, Frequency(Stiffness) and record these numbers.

You then get to hit some balls as we gather Trackman data about your swing dynamics.

Once this is done we review the club spec and swing numbers and discuss your clubs suitability to your swing and consistency.

Note: This is not a club fitting. We will not go through new head and shaft options during this fitting. We will not be able to advise any new clubs options. For that you would be better off booking a fitting.

45 minutes

What to Bring

When you come for any fitting at Cool Clubs be sure to bring all your golf clubs, golf shoes and your glove. Wear clothes that you normally golf in and be prepared to have a good time.