WITB - Danny Ke

This was one very excited client and a very interesting fitting process.

New Gen 3 - PXG 0311T irons with steelfiber i80

Ping LS Tec Driver with a FujiKura Pro 2.0.

Golf Pride - New decade

All SST Pure

Danny is a Chinese national living in Australia who absolutely loves golf. From the start he was very interested in the New PXG irons to upgrade from his existing Gen1 PXG iron.  After lots of testing the Pxg 0311 T was Danny’s preferred feel, we just needEd some help to kick the ball up a bit.

The Aerotech Steelfiber i80 provided a similar stable feel compared to Modus 105 steel shafts Danny had been using but it was much easier to produce higher speeds without compromising strike quality. Launch and spin went up and now we’re looking at a 44 degree landing angle (6 iron) and the ability to put a 4 iron in the bag also. Sweet.

The driver was interesting, Danny was currently using a 10.5 917 Titleist and feeling like he was lacking distance. “Correct”.

Once I witnessed the 8-10 degree positive (upward) attack angle I knew we would be moving in a very different direction.

The Ping LS Tec at 9 degrees was the winner  with the weight in the draw position and combined with a Fujijura ProSeries 2.0 instantly flattened out the flight, the launch went from  from 16.5 down to 14 and he got the spin down from 4000rpm to 2400rpm. WOW!

These changes resulted in a 20 metre gain at the same swing speed as his current driver.

One happy customer that day!

To top of the experience Danny asked me to “Sign” that’s correct, sign his new driver and have a photo with it. Definitely a first for me but it is great to see someone so excited about new gear and striving to get better.

Also a big shoot out to Danny’s nephew, Neo Wang for his assistance and Translation to help the fitting run smoothly. Legend.

I definitely need to work on my Chinese.

Fantastic experience all round.

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