WITB Simon

Club - Royal Queensland Golf Club  


TS3 (Current driver head) with  

Fujikura Ventus 6  


Ping G410 - 14.5 with  

Fujikura Atmos Red TS 6  


Taylor Made P790 (2020) with  

Nippon Modus 120  


RTX4, 54.10, 58,09  

All shafts SST Pured shafts with Lamkin underside rubber grips.  

Simon went through a Tee to Wedge process in our Gold Coast studio to ensure that he had the tools necessary to get back into golf after a lengthy layoff.  


Simon's main goal was to find something to help bring the flight down and reduce spin across the the bag and find a fairway wood that he would be comfortable hitting off the deck.  

Fit Outcome


With the correct frequency and bend profile Simon's driver head (Titleist TS3) worked really well, lofted down and combined with the New Fujikura Ventus 6 he experienced better dispersion and what every golfer wants, "better bad shots".    


Simon's typically positive (upward) attack angle, he struggles somewhat striking a fairway wood off the deck. We went straight to the Ping G410, the shallow face design allows the centre of the face to sit much lower down behind the golf ball.  

The result was a more efficient strike and a better result with the miss low out of the face. Still a work in progress but with results we seen on pick up I am sure Simon will use this fairway more than every other when those results transfer to the course.  


Simon's current Titleist 716 CB irons were launching very high with excessive spin making it nearly impossible for him the control ball flight in windy conditions.  

We ended with the TaylorMade P790 (2020) combined with the Nippon Modus 120 which had a significant impact on the flight, reducing the launch by 2 degrees (due to loft) and the spin by a whopping 25%.  

With a bonus of 7 MPH of ball speed Simon was now able to create more optimal launch conditions and hit the ball as far as he should at 90 MPH Swing speed.  

It will be a different game for him now.

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