WITB Matt Renshaw

Matt came into Cool Clubs Australia earlier this year looking to update his Golf clubs and to help him continue to improve his golf.  

During the fitting we managed to help Matt Increase his launch and spin across the bag to help him achieve an optimal ball flight.  

Matt recently spent a few months in the UK playing County Cricket for Kent and while he was over there got to play St Andrews Old Course with his full bag of Cool Clubs gear.  As a surprise for Matt we did some custom stamping on his wedges with his initials and his Australian Test cricket number.  

All of Matt's Clubs have been SST Pured and the all have Golf Pride Multi Compound Midsize Black/Black. You can see all the clubs in Matt's bag below and how they have helped his game.  

DRIVER - Taylormade M4 10.5* w/ Graphite Design Tour AD TP 70 X - This was Matt's current head and the TP-70 helped him reduce spin and improved on dispersion.  

FAIRWAY WOOD - Taylormade M5 18* w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DJ-8 X - In fairway wood for Matt we need to use more loft the help launch the ball and with the DJ-8 we were able to get ideal launch and spin for Matt to use off the tee and for second shots on par 5's

IRONS - Callaway Apex Pro Smoke (4-GW) w/ KBS S-Taper 125 S+ BLACK - Matt was able to pick up one club with his new irons but more importantly we were able to improve his face to path relationship with KBS S-Taper 125 and also improved his launch and spin the increase his land angle and help stop the ball on the green.  

WEDGES - Titleist SM7 52.08 F, 56.08 M, 60.04 L w/ KBS S-Taper 125 S+ Black -  Matt's new wedges overall are much lower bounce than he was playing and this has help him with turf interaction on fuller shots but also chipping and pitching around the greens.  

PUTTER - Scotty Cameron Futura 6M Dual Balance 38" - Matt's Putter is 38" long and he needs the length as he is very tall and needs the full length to achieve good connection in his set up.  The heavier head weight and bigger shape has helped Matt with his longer putts and distance control.

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