WITB - Luke Prosser

About Luke

Luke is a master fitter at our Carrara studio. Luke is a PGA member with over 15 years experience before he came to Cool Clubs.

Why this set up?

It’s a dramatic change from my previous Titleist CB with Nippon 130. Forever, I have produced a high ball flight and definitely struggled in wind conditions. Working in the Cool Clubs environment has allowed me to test, analyse and fine tune my equipment to work with my natural swing tendencies.

Typically I hit up on driver about 2 or 3 degrees and have a shallow attack angle with my irons which produces more loft and spin. The stronger lofts in the Gen 2 P irons help me produce more optimal flight patterns without manipulating my swing. I also picked up 10 metres carry with optimal landing angles, so I have dropped a 4 iron to make room for an extra wedge so the distance gapping is constant.  I carry 4 SM7 wedges with square (F and S) sole grind options.

I don’t carry fairway metal any more due to the same tendencies I have with driver. My upward attack angle really affects my ability to strike a fway consistently, especially off the ground. I transitioned in to the Utility iron which, with the shorter shaft length relative to a fway, allows my swing plane to increase (steeper) and hit down on the ball enough to make much more efficient contact than any fairway I have tested.

The 3 utility worked so well for me that I decided to get a 1 iron (15 degree) to replace the fway once and for all. It’s a beast!


Head: Ping G400 LS Tec 8.5 degree

Shaft: Hzrdus Yellow 63 SST Pured

Grip: Leather Roo Std


Head: PXG 0311X 1 and 3 Iron

Shaft: DG X7 SST Pured

Grip: Leather Roo Std


Head: PXG - P Gen 2

Shaft: DG X7 SST Pured

Grip: Leather Roo Std


Head: Vokey SM7 Black

50.12 (bent 48) - F

52.12 - F

56.10 - S

60.10 - S

Shaft: DG X7 SST Pured

Grip: Leather Roo Std


Head: Odyssey O-Works 2 Ball Red

Shaft: 34 inch Stability shaft installed

Grip: Leather Paddle Grip

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