Whats in the Bag & Why - Josh Stewart

Josh is one of our Master Fitters based in Sydney. Josh has recently upgraded his entire bag of clubs.

Here is my WITB for 2019

All clubs in my bag were fitted by Master Club Fitter Jack Gilbert.


Our Driver Fitting

PXG Gen 2 0811 X

Accra Tour Zx 455 M5

Weights set 2 heavy front wide, 1 back centre.

LOFT: 9* down 1 click to 8*


SW: D2.5


This driver has helped me to be able to flight the golf ball better and kill some spin that I struggle with, the aggressive tip section and lightweight straightline profile of the Tour Zx 455 helps me to feel like I'm more in control.

It allows me to be able to hit Flat cuts and keep the spin off the ball to help to see longer drives.

PXG Driver


Our Long Game Fitting

Titleist TS3 FW

Accra FX 2.0 370 M5

Weight Rod set to fade

LOFT: 13.5* A1

LENGTH: 42.75"

SW: D2

FLEX 6.8 FM  

This set up in design was to help me hit my 3 Wood high launch and lower spin as I had been struggling with launch on my previous 3 wood off the fairway. The strong profile of the golf shaft and deeper head still allows me to squeeze it off the tee while good sole design and lower CG helps me with consistency on the fairway.

Josh Stewart golf set

Driving Iron

Taylormade P790 3 iron

Accra FX 2.0 H300 M5

LOFT: 18*

LIE: 59*

LENGTH: 40.25"

SW: D5

FLEX: 5.0 FM

This set up was designed to help me to have a long iron that bridged the gap between my 3 wood and my 4 iron. the head design of the P790 instead of the P760 which I play in the irons helps to create more ball speed, using the Accra graphite shaft helps me to create more club speed and take off a little spins to help create a longer flight.


Our Iron Fitting

4-PW Taylormade P760

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

6 iron specs:

LOFT: 28*

LIE: 60.5*

LENGTH: 37.75"

SW: D8

FLEX: 6.5FM (frequency matched, and SW matched through set - I increase SW in my wedges)

Coming off of using Callaway Apex MB irons these are super easy to hit yet offer very minimal offset which helps me having transitioned from blades. The P760 has a lot of performance benefits for me from the beveled leading edge helping with my turf interaction through to the speedfoam internally in the 7 iron to 4 iron to help create more forgiveness and easier ball speed which has helped me in both my confidence and consistency in my longer irons. The Dynamic gold Tour Issue X100 shafts help me to flight down my golf ball and control spin through a very strong tip section and heavy feel which also helps me achieve the heavier swingweight which I like in my irons vs a lighter feel in my Driver and Fairway.


Our Wedge Fitting

Callaway MD4 Raw Finish

50.10 S grind, 54.08 C grind, 60.12 X grnd

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

LOFTS: 50, 55 and 60

LIES: 62.5 in all 3

LENGTHS: 35.75", 35.5" and 35.25" respectively.

SW: D8.5, D9.5 and E0 respectively.

FLEX: 6.3 FM  

This is my second set of MD4 wedges the main changes outside of the golf shaft would be the Raw finish to help with glare and creating a slightly softer feel. The other would be the C grind in the 54 degree as this has helped me with a lot of my shots inside 50 metres as the relief on heel, toe and trailing edge helps with turf interaction on straight faced shots as well as opening the face to keep leading edge down. I have continued with the X grind on my 60 degree as it has plenty of relief and the extra bit of bounce helps me on my fuller swing with this club.

MD4 wedges

SST Puring

All clubs have been SST PURE'd

more on SST Puring


All clubs have Oversize Gripmaster Kangaroo Leather Grips - I previously played the standard size version of this grip and went to the OS to help with how I grip the club in my right hand


Our Putter Fitting

Toulon Indianapolis


Deep Diamond Cross Hatch Milled Grooves

Single top-line sight aid


380g head weight

Full single bend offset

LOFT: 4*

LIE: 69*

LENGTH: 36.5"

GRIP: Flatcat Solution Fat  

The bigger head design of the Indianapolis helps me feel more stable in my putting stroke as well as having a long centre line to line up with. Playing putter at 36.5" helps me to get into better posture so that I can create good connection and rotate around my spine to create a consistent path and face return. Having the Stability shaft installed over the original shaft has definitely helped with being able with consistency of the face returning in the same manner time and time again through a stiffer more stable shaft. The Flatcat Solution is another great product having the weight being directly below the hands helps with feel of balanced weight in the stroke.

Toulon Putter with Stability Shaft

As you may have noticed I play Accra golf shafts in my top 3 clubs, this is due only to strong tip section provided by these products. The strong tip section trended throughout the bag as I have constantly battled high launch and high spin with all of my equipment for as long as I have played golf.

Hopefully this insight into my bag helps with understanding of our process and dedication to fitting and building golf equipment for all levels golfers.



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