One of our interstate customer made the long trip to the Gold Coast with his family to collect and test all his new gear.

Jake took advantage of our "Club pick up session" (complementary for client who purchase) hitting real balls (Pro V1s) and collecting valuable data on his unique swing characteristics and ball flight.

Fitting Process - Measuring 100 MPH with some 6 iron swings early on, we definitely weren't chasing extra meters. Lower trajectory, more consistent strike and flight were the keys goals. Once we got the correct shaft weight, shaft frequency and bend profile in his hands, he could now "swing his swing".

Reduced spin with P790 and Modus 130 combo now means that Jake is producing more optimal launch conditions reduced the landing angle and making it much easier to control flight in windy conditions.

Driver is a Beast and at 120 MPH you better wait for those par 4 greens to clear!

An extremely valuable session, allowing Jake to go out with the knowledge and confidence that his new equipment is helping him on his journey to playing better golf. Great work Jake.

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