Whats in the Bag & Why - Jack Gilbert

Jack is one of our Master Fitters and spends a lot of time working on the composition of his bag. This gives you insight into what's there and why.

Here is my WITB for 2019

Driver -

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

MRC Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 TX

Heel weight set 0.75"to heel position


LENGTH: 44.75"

SW: D0


I like being able to draw the ball and love my woods to feel light. The straight line profile of the Tensei Orange suits my aggressive tempo and feels super stable.

Fairway -

PXG GEN 2 0341 X

Graphite Design DI-7x

Heavy sole weights wide

LOFT: 15* Standard

LENGTH: 42.75"

SW: D1.5

FLEX 6.5 FM  

This shaft has a stiffer handle than my driver which gives me the feeling of a more responsive tip. The low spin nature of the head lets me put the shaft to work and squeeze it off variable lies and try to hit some different shot shapes but still use it as a tee club on days where the driver is not behaving.

Driving Iron -

Titleist TMB 2i

Graphite Design DI-85 X

LOFT: 17*

LIE: 59* -


SW: D1.5


The last time I had a driving iron was living in the UK, but the move to Melbourne has highlighted why I need one again! Building this with graphite kept my long game feeling light and fast and also gives me the ability to pop this 17* weapon a little higher when required. The graphite is also better feeling for me on miss hits.

Irons -

4-A Taylormade P760

Nippon MODUS 120 X

6 iron specs:

LOFT: 29*

LIE: 62*

LENGTH: 37.5"

SW: D3.5

FLEX: 4.4FM (frequency matched, and SW matched through set - I increase SW in my wedges)

Coming from P750's to these is a big jump. One of the least offset products out there that is not a blade and with all the forgiveness of the cavity. A little help in the longer irons to pop the ball really helps. I love the grind on the leading edge of the irons to get my club gliding through the turf. I can't feel my miss hits as much as my P750's which makes me think I am playing better. 😅 The shafts are 118g and have a super strong tip helping me not to spin the ball too much. The addition of the A wedge helped me gap my PW distance better than a blade and still have the nice leading edge grind.

Wedges -

Taylormade Milled Grind

54.11SB and 60.09 LB

Nippon Modus 125 Wedge specific

LOFTS: 55 and 60

LIES: 64.5* for both

LENGTH: 35.25"and 35"respectively.

SW: D4.5 and D5 respectively.

FLEX: 5.5FM  

These are replica's of my previous wedges just in black. I really struggled with glare on my silver TM Milled Grind Chrome. The 125 wedge specific helps me his the lower straighter shot. I have the heel relief in the 54* for longer bunker shots and full relief in the 60* to play all of the tight lies and flops a really nice combo for different course conditions.

All clubs have been SST PURE'd

All clubs have Golf Pride Z Cord MIDSIZE - I have built them to have each butt section playing 26mm wide at the point my ring finger meets the grip in my lead hand.

Putter -




Fly mill face milling

Single top-line sight aid


KM 380g head weight

Large single bend offset

LOFT: 3*

LIE: 68*

LENGTH: 35.25"


The putter really is a one off luxury. I got to draw the putter up with their head designer and get exactly what I wanted. The square wide body head and aggressive offset are for alignment and stability. The thin fly mill is for the louder sound I like from the face. The single top-line alignment aid helps me connect to the line on my ball easier. Texas Tea, because it was cool and a non glare option. 380g head, because with anything lighter I wave it around like a fencing foil! Final additions were the Stability shaft that really has helped my pace control and feedback through the hands and the OG Press grip that I believe give me a more consistent face to path relationship and helps me not shut the face down as much through strike.

Well that's all my secrets! I hope it inspires you to build your bag around what helps you play your best.

Best Regards,

Jack Gilbert

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