WITB Brandon

Set of custom clubs through Sydney Studio for ultimate client Brandon who is looking to take his game to the next level.

Driver - Taylormade Stealth Plus - 9* - Ventus Red 6 X

Coming from Epic Max LS, more forward CG head with Lighter and softer tip section golf shaft helps control ball flight and avoid left.

Fairway - Taylormade Stealth Plus - 18* - Ventus Blue 7 X

5 wood instead of traditional 3 wood loft in order to create more loft when compressing the ball on the ground. Similar golf shaft to driver helped with consistency of delivery, but softer mid and stiffer tip helps pop the ball up in the air.

Utility - Taylormade Stealth Plus - 22* & X Forged UT - 21* - GD Tour AD DI 95 X

At Brandons golf course weather conditions can determine which of these he needs to play, so we fixed him up with both Hybrid and Driving Iron. Hybrid awesome for calmer days where flying the ball into greens is an option and Driving Iron for when it is blowing a gale and Brandon needs to keep the ball low. Back to stable golf shaft in Utilities to help control direction and delivery. Combination of shaft weight and flex helps get the ball in the air and avoid the short left.

Irons - Titleist T100 4i + 620 CB 5-9i - Nippon Modus 120 X

Little more forgiving 4i + 5-9i in an iron head style that gets the ball launching and spinning for more control and ability to stop the ball on the greens. Seems like a common theme hey?! Combined with lighter but strongly built golf shafts Brandon got dialled back in iron distances to create a more playable ball flight.

Wedges - Titleist SM9 Jet Black

Custom stamped wedges with name in Bright Blue were a must to finish off this set. Combination of loft + shaft + soles of the wedges gave Brandon best turf interaction in order to play every shot we need to while on course. Tested on grass of course, Brandon's wedges ended up being all relatively low bounce and small sole. Sole and grinds were the following:
46.10 F Grind - Modus 120 X

50.08 F Grind - Modus 125 Wedge

56.08 M Grind - Modus 125 Wedge

60.08 M Grind - Modus 125 Wedge

Putter - PXG Brandon - Plumbers neck

Came in with a Brandon - walked out with a Brandon..

Brandon's current putter was fitted with a double bend neck to create a face balanced putter. We found through working on setup that he was better suited to a putter with Toe flow, meaning a change to a Plumbers neck was required. The toe flow gave him more consistent rotation of the putter face, leading to more consistent speed and start line. All the keys to rolling it better!

Fitted with Stability Tour Black, Brandon has one of the slickest bags in Sydney!

This set of custom clubs were finished with awesome looking BB&Co Ferrules and Golf Pride MCC Midsize grips.

Enjoy mate! - Nick CC Sydney

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