Brad Shofer Whats in the Bag

Brad came to Cool Clubs looking for a set of clubs that are more consistent in feel and flex throughout the bag.

What we found throughout the fitting was also a need for launch to help create better gapping through the set.

Brad creates fantastic strike but struggles with creating enough launch to see the full potential of carry with all of his clubs, by pair lightweight higher launching yet stable golf shafts with heads that are designed to help create launch we saw Brad's carry distances increase substantially as well as greater land angles to help him with stopping the ball more effectively.

Fairway Woods

Titleist TS2 16.5 & 21 degree with Tour AD IZ 6, the combination of higher lofts in the TS2 head which are designed help with creating launch paired with the Tour AD IZ golf shaft which also designed as a stable yet high launching golf shaft.

This pairing helped Brad to create better distance gapping in the top end of the bag, the 16.5 helping to maximise distance and the 21 to help with a better land angle should brad need to fly a longer club into a green.


Titleist TS2 23 degree with Aerotech Steelfiber i70, once again a forgiving high launching combination with a lightweight golf shaft to help Brad maximise speed and get the most out of this club.

This club is designed to split the difference between 5 iron and the 21 degree TS2 fairway wood, Using a higher loft in the hybrid helped Brad to see some more consistency in ball flight and ability to stop the ball with this club as he needs to.


Titleist T100 5-PW with Aerotech Steelfiber i80, 6 iron loft of 30 degrees.

The irons were a huge part of the change for Brad needing to move towards lighter shafts in the irons to feel more consistency throughout the round.

Combining the lightweight and stable profile of the Steelfiber i80 with the T100 irons helped brad to produce more carry distance through a better ability to launch the ball as well as stopping power due to more peak height and steeper land angles.

All clubs were SST PURE'd and fitted with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58R grips plus 2 wraps.

Thanks again to Brad for placing his trust in the process of club fitting and custom club building provided by us at Cool Clubs.

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