What is Tempo and how does it affect my putting?

We always hear about golfers with great putting tempo but what does that actually mean?

Put simply, tempo is the time it takes to make your backswing divided by the time it takes to make your forward swing. For example, if your backswing takes 0.60 seconds and your forward swing takes 0.30 seconds you would have a tempo of 2.00.

Controlling your tempo is directly related to your ability to consistently control the speed of your putts.

During a Cool Clubs fitting we will measure tempo with Trackman 4 and Blast motion sensors.

The factors that will affect the appropriateness and consistency of your tempo can be categorised into either technique or the setup of your putter,  all are factored into the putter fitting process.

If you're after the most appropriate putter for you and the best understanding of your stroke, come and see us for a putter fitting today!

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