Hi Luke


Just had my second round at PHGC with my new Driver. Whilst I had used it 3 times before I didn’t want to come to any real decision until I had played a few times with it. The other 2 rounds were playing with a couple of good golfing mates at Newcastle GC ( one of my absolute favourite courses and it was in tremendous condition) and although all rounds had real glimpses of what I expected I wasn’t in real concentration mode.

Today playing at my home course with David and another guy who also plays off 4 like Dave I knew that I had a good measure of the difference the club would make. It didn’t disappoint! I hit most if not every fairway ( not totally unusual) but the carry and distance was definitely longer. At an estimate I would say at least 10 metres and there wasn’t much run and was playing long from the full White markers. As I had hoped it gives me a better chance of getting to 3-4 of the Par 4s in two or at least within scoring distance. There is hope for the “ old dog”.

Thanks for all your help and advice. Certainly more than I wanted or expected to spend but I am confident that it is the right choice.



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