Paul's ultimate fitting new bag!

Paul come into his Ultimate fitting with a 15+ year old set of golf clubs with distance and consistency to gain!

Driver: Titleist TSi2 w/ Cool Clubs Blue 60G60

Hybrid: TSi3 w/ Fuji Pro 2.0 6

UDI: G425 Crossover w/ Fuji Pro 2.0 6

Irons: P790 5-P+A w/ KBS Tour V

Wedges: SM8 54 and 58 w/ KBS Hi-Rev 115

Putter: Taylormade MySpider X

While currently working through some swing changes, Paul found Fairway wood to be a bit of a challenge to be consistent with due to an upward attack angle. A strong Hybrid and Utility iron above the irons helped gap his bag correctly while he works on his swing. Fairway to come after that.

A custom 'Blacked-out' MySpider with single sightline and Stability Tour shaft to compliment the rest of the bag.

Enjoy and happy playing Paul.

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