Titleist T200 Custom Build

Recently through our Sydney Studio we had a custom built set of Titleist T200 irons with a Taylormade MG3 wedge, this set was fitted with Steelfiber i70 Private Reserve Reg flex golf shafts with an i80 Reg flex into the 56 degree MG3 wedge, the shafts have been SST Pure'd and the clubs finished with Lamkin Crossline Midsize grips.

This particular client had come in with an older set of irons with smaller flatter soles and much heavier and stiffer steel shafts, his swing produced a strong downward angle of attack as well as delofting the irons quite a bit, so we utilised the rounded sole design of the T200 iron and increased the static loft to help with better turf interaction and producing a better launch and spin window. Utilising the stable profile of the Steelfiber golf shaft we were able to get a more appropriate flex into the clients hands and increase his club speed with a lighter weighted golf shafts.

Club Specs

6 iron specs below

Titleist T200 irons

Aerotech Steelfiber i70 R Flex Private Reserve Shafts (SST Pure'd)

Length - 37.75" end of grip

Lie Angle - 63.5 degrees

Loft - 30 Degrees

Swing Weight - D1.5

Lamkin Crossline Midsize Grips

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