Taylormade MySpider GT Putter

We have a Taylormade MySpider GT Slant Neck Putter in the Sydney Studio. The slant neck style putter was fitted in this situation to help with better visual clarity and alignment. A short line that runs from the leading edge of the putter helped the player set up alignment relative to the target.

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Utilising the small amount of toe hang created by the combination of  slant neck and the mallet style putter this helped the client generate better arc and rotation in the backswing to encourage the most consistent impact alignment.

The putter was built to 35.5" and finished with a Super Stroke Claw 2.0 Grip. Even though the client doesn't use a claw or pencil style grip, this helped him get his hands into the best possible position and have a flatter and squarer feel in the right hand to help with face control in the stroke.

The client opted for the Black finish on the top of the putter with the Golf Ball Yellow alignment line colour to help visually use a yellow golf ball due to vision issues. We matched up a black face insert to help with the most neutral visual alignment at address and green/yellow accents to finish the putter. Lastly, custom etched in the sole is "THE VOLCANO", as he is more affectionately known amongst his golfing mates.

Exacting Putter Spec's below

Taylormade MySpider GT Putter

Neck Type: Slant Neck

Length: 35.5" cut length

Lie Angle: 71 degrees

Loft: 3 degrees

Grip: Super Stroke Claw 2.0

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