Taylormade GT Max Putter Review

We've had adjustable Drivers for a while, now its Putters turn.

TaylorMade GT Max Putters are a one of a kind with an adjustable weight system to dial in CG for your putter.

Nick in Sydney has done some testing to find out what the weights do with some interesting data to show:

  • 1 Position (Weight furthest back) - was least efficient from a Smash Factor sense. Roll speed and Efficiency were great. Felt stable through impact
  • 2 Position (Weight middle) - Smash factor more efficient with weight more forward. Launch direction was slightly straighter on average compared to 1. Attack angle neutralized slightly.
  • 3 Position (Weight forward) - Most efficient! Neutralized Attack Angle further (which is a good thing for Nick) and straightened out his start line even further as well!

Revolutionary tech. from TaylorMade with this system giving a player more adjustment to help them dial in there putting stroke.

Testing weights in different positions seems to be a bit suspect when aiming to roll a straight putt. We are yet to do any testing on this.

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