Stinger Inserts Joint Pain Relief

Interesting addition to this set, Stinger inserts to dampen, vibrations and soften feel.

We are often asked what we can do for people suffering joint pain for one reason or another. during their golf game. There are a lot of options in the club spec and build. From grip selection to shafts and in this case Stinger inserts all help reduce chronic pain or assist with recovery after inuries.

The objective is to get you playing earlier and longer as close to pain free as possible.

Custom set:
T100 4 iron
620 MB 5-9 iron
SM8 Raw 46,50,56,60 (60 is also custom grind Vokey Wedge Works.
Shafts: MODUS 120 SST PURE in irons and Modus 125 in wedges.

Ferrules with Red band.
Stinger Vibration inserts to help recover from elbow pain.
UTX GRAY Grips with 3 layers under bottom hand and 2 under left.

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