Spin Launch

Cool Clubs, the world’s custom golf club fitting technology leader, has announced the creation of a new golf equipment testing metric called SpinLaunch℠. The new metric is a ratio between launch angle and spin rate and will be used to create unbiased reviews of new and existing golf clubs and provide neutral comparisons between otherwise incomparable products.

All Cool Clubs SpinLaunch℠ tests will use our own swing robot to create a set of constants in multiple measurement areas such as: swing speed, attack angle, club path, loft of driver, club setting, strike point, and will feature a standard shaft and ball. The result is a single number – usually between 200 and 300 – which represents the increase in spin rate per degree of launch. All ball data will be collected with GCQuad launch monitors.

“When we first started testing equipment, drivers for example, we found out it was difficult to compare which driver would create more spin or less spin because spin rate is dependent on launch angle. We didn’t have an apples-to-apples comparison,” said Mark Timms, Founder and CEO of Cool Clubs. “Using SpinLaunch℠, we are able to use a metric relative to the to the launch angle to produce a spin rate per degree of launch – a much more accurate representation and comparison of two different clubheads.”

SpinLaunch℠ Enhances Cool Clubs’ S3 Technology Database

The SpinLaunch℠ metric for each clubhead, which will be added to Cool Clubs’ S3 Technology, the industry-leading golf club shaft database, will enable Cool Clubs Master Fitters to narrow the scope of the club fitting process even further, saving players time and energy during the fitting process.

Each Cool Clubs location has more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations, so our Master Fitters rely on our proprietary industry-leading technology to refine the process from the start because the last thing our customers should do is hit 10 different drivers,” said Timms. “We create this technology and do all this research ahead of time so we have a really good idea at the beginning of the process. With the addition of SpinLaunch℠, our fitters will be able to eliminate two-thirds of potential drivers and really focus on what will work for this particular player.

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