Shayne Lin Custom Phantom X 12

Collecting his new Phantom X 12 putter we have Shayne Lin, custom adjustments made to the putter were changes to the length of the putter (+1.5") to account for the Super Stroke Wristlock Putter Grip, we ordered 34" to get the correct weights need for the playing length of putter with the 1.5" extension to account for the wristlock portion of the grip.

Also accounting for the amount of forward shaft lean created from the Wristlock grip we made an adjustment to add loft to the putter so that we had enough loft at impact to get the desired roll on the ball.

Putter Spec's below

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12

34" length (extended to 35.5" for Grip)

15 gram weights

71 degree lie angle

5.5 degrees of loft

Super Stroke Wristlock Putter Grip

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