After some swing changes and some struggles hitting greens on course recently, it was time to revisit irons for Master Club fitter Nick in Sydney.

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As you'll find in the data images attached, golf swing was somewhat consistent delivery wise, and the following takeaways were observed:

  • Modus produced more ball speed, higher launch and lower spin.
  • Although DG appears better on paper - per ball flight optimal data, Modus 130 was much more consistent. Miss hits being punished much less.
  • It would seem that the difference of the tip sections & torque creates more ease of use in loading and delivery, as per EI Curve

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Tested with current 6i head - Titleist T100 - 30* Loft - 62 * Lie - 37.5" Length

Nick uses Pro V1 X on course and did testing with Pro V1 in the studio - expects to see the spin a touch higher once irons are rebuilt and ready for the course.

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