Why our fittings are so different

A Cool Clubs fitting delivers more performance than any other. One reason is our S3 shaft profiler.

"Shaft Simulation System” (S3) is Cool Clubs own fully automated, all in one standardised shaft profiling machine.  

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S3 was developed to combat a lack of industry standards that prevented shaft data being used for head to head comparisons. With this standardised shaft data to refer to, over time Cool Clubs fitters all over the world have been able to more accurately determine what a golfer is feeling with regards to profile of the shaft they are hitting.  

For instance, 3 predominate driver shaft profiles can be described as 'straight line' 'L shape' and ‘U shape' These names refer to the shafts EI profile (stiffness from butt to tip) when plotted on a graph. 

Above is an example of each, the straight-line profile in red, L shape in green and the U shape in blue. The vertical measurement being the shafts EI measurement and the horizontal being the distance in inches from the butt end of the shaft. This data allows the fitter to accurately select options based on facts.  

Our fitters are accurately able to interpret golfer’s feedback on parameters such as torque and balance point, given that all shafts have a standardised measurement.  

Once the correct shaft characteristics (Profile/EI, FM, mass, torque, balance point) have been determined the fitter is then able to select other options that a player may want to investigate such as price point or feel.

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