What a pleasure it was

I visited Warriewood on 3 April for a driver and fairway wood fitting with Jack Gilbert. Well, what a pleasure it was. Jack greeted me so professionally and warmly that I thought I had known him for years.  

He started off by explaining what your facility provided and what he proposed for the next hour. We went through just about every brand of club and shaft. The exercise proved highly successful that we went “a little overtime”, and didn’t get onto the fairway wood fitting. 

But this was fine in that I was so happy with what we achieved with the driver. Ended up choosing the Callaway Rouge Sub Zero with 53 gram stiff Fujikura shaft. It was assembled in the USA and delivered in about 2 weeks. 

So I wanted to take it out on the course before I gave a review. I have had a few rounds with it now, and apart from a couple of my old bloke shots, I was hitting it in the middle of the fairway and out driving my buddies by some 20 to 30 metres. I must say that it is so well worth getting a club fitted at a club fitting facility. In my case, it enabled me to get a driver that had a lower trajectory and substantially reduced spin rate. 

Thanks and cheers

Richard de Mestre

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