Everything Old Is New Again

Check out Jack's (our Sydney Master Fitter) 'new' set.

Out with the new.... in with the old!!!

All our fitters are getting together a Pre 2000 set of clubs for our next golf weekend.

Keep an eye out for the driver performance comparison we will be posting soon.

PGF STEELEAGLE - with Dynamic Gold R400 Golf Pride Victory Half Cord grip.

6 iron spec - 34* loft - 60.5* lie - 37" Length - D2 Swing weight - 269 cpm Frequency.

2 iron to Sand wedge.

Woods - Dick DeLa Cruz

1 Wood 9* Loft - 43.25" length - 247cpm Frequency - Swing weight D2.3

3 wood 13.5* (42" length)

4 wood 17* (41.5" length)

All Dynamic Golf R200 shafts.  

Golf Pride Victory rubber grips.

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