Now available for fitting is the L.A.B LINK.1 putter.

So many golfers love the look of blade-style putters. Yes, they’re beautiful, but they’re not always the best for making putts. LINK.1was inspired by the shape of these legendary putters, but its dramatically easier to use with the addition of Lie Angle Balance.

The Lab Golf Link.1 putter is a premium golf club that features cutting-edge technology and a sleek design to help golfers achieve greater accuracy and consistency on the green. With a milled stainless steel face and adjustable weighting system, this putter offers a soft feel and customizable performance to suit the preferences and playing style of any golfer. The Link.1 putter is the result of extensive research and development by Lab Golf, a company dedicated to creating high-performance golf equipment that delivers superior results on the course.

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