Top 50 Fitters North America

Recenly Cool Clubs was voted 3rd in the Top 50 fitters in the US. Very nice you might say.

We compete in the industry every day based on merit, ideas and client results. We are happy to do this and it is what keeps us continually striving to improve and deliver better results to our customers.

However Golf Magazine crowned True Spec Golf as number 1 fitter. This may be so but they did this without disclosing that Golf Magazine, True Spec Golf, Club Conex and are owned by the same parent company.

Additionally, in the list of fitting locations they gave Cool CLubs 5 and True Spec 30. We have as many locations as True Spec. Odd they could get this wrong when a simple fact check by the writers of our web site would show all our locations. Why were they not listed?

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