Kyoei KK CB 5 Club Build

A great client of ours Nick Abba from Lux Landscapes, gave us a great little project. He purchased some Kyoei heads and wanted them built to match his Cool Clubs specifications.

Nick got to go through the process of his build watching these heads turn into his new gamer set.

We thought you might enjoy seeing the process!

Club Specs

Shafts: SST PURE KBS C-TAPER 130 X (built to play 7.0FM)

Heads: Kyoei KK CB 5 Cut Sole Grind

Grips: Iomic Sticky 2.3


Head weights recorded and put into build file.

Grip weights recorded and marked on grips.

Shaft weights recorded and put into file.

Measure club's loft and lies before cutting length to ensure the length does not drastically change post build.

We assess how the head weights flow through the set and use this to understand how it will affect the shaft flex during build.

We then test raw frequency of the shafts for each club and ensure they are going to play correctly and consistently.

Once we can see any anomalies, we start making cuts to the golf shafts and adjusting head weight as required to allow frequency and swing weight to match up.

After dry fitting frequency and swing weight, we make our final cuts.

The clubs are then glued up using consistent measures of our tour glue and shafting bead mix. During this process we align the SST PURE lines to the heads.  

Once the heads are dry we install grip. In this case Iomic Sticky 2.3 1 layer of our Cool Clubs tape in the logo down position.  We use the correct weight grip for each club to get the swing weight consistency even tighter.

Grip on, time to bend the lofts and lies into their final specifications and finish the ferrules.

Normally after this process we would install the shaft decals and official SST PURE stickers, but Nick wanted the cleanest look possible for his set.

This was more of a project of love for Nick, but it turns out they perform better than his original set too.

The final product .... a serious set of irons!

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