It's Not All About Distance

Tracy was in for a driver fitting this week.

Tracy is still a very handy player, previously representing the state with a couple of our well known Aussie greats from back in the day.

Tracy has been battling with a left/hook  miss for some time and feels like he is always guarding that miss.

Not concerned with extra yards off the tee, Tracy was chasing accuracy, consistent desired ball flight and better dispersion. Hoping to find an answered to eliminate the left side of the course, we went to work.

With a shaft weight and bend profile change we managed a combination that consistently created the desired fade ball flight Tracey had been searching for.

We Retro fit his current Ping G425 LST with a Mitsubishi chemical  Bassara CD 53, weight bias in the fade position and a heavier weight in order to feel more head weight.

Great session Tracy, more fairway's are coming your way.

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