New Iron Mega Test

We have had a lot of new irons turn up in Melbourne this week so Jack decided to test them to see where they fall for future fittings.


All irons hit with:

Dynamic Gold 120g X flex - 5.5 FM 

37.5" Length

61* Lie

Lofts: Varied by manufacture and are noted in the report 

When you are looking at the data, be aware the drastic difference between the lofts (varying between 24 and 31 degrees) the manufactures have designed the heads with. 

This greatly impacts carry and spin numbers. 


As a club fitter my main focus with irons is consistency and control, without too much of a distance compromise. 

I would also be interviewing the player on look and feel especially as we investigate the iron's strike through the turf. 

From what I call the "clean data" I would isolate this fitting from the numbers down to 3 models: 

The CNCPT 02

The PXG 0211

The Titleist 620 MB

I would then be getting the player onto my turfed area. I would start discussing the overall package of the irons (look, sound, feel, turf interaction, price point and touch on the visual of the ball flight again relative to the captured data). 

From here we come to an an all encompassing product that the fitter and player mutually agree is the best.

For me this was 620 MB.

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