How we are different

Cool Clubs is unlike any other club fitter. We understand the equipment we sell through objective, evidence-based testing, data capture, knowledge, the environment in which we fit clubs, and how we build.

Objective testing

Cool Clubs uses our Scottsdale based robot and our in-house developed S3 shaft analyser. These two machines give reproducible head and shaft performance analysis alone and in combination. Anyone can hit a new driver or shaft and form an opinion of its performance. Our head testing hit all new heads in 9 positions across the clubface, not just a perfect center hit.

Likewise, we don't test one shaft on the S3 shaft analyser; we test 8 examples minimum. We generate thousands of data points from each test. Shafts that exhibit consistency across all those tested and benefit our customers make into our fitting matrix. The data obtained from testing feeds directly into our fitting software allowing our fitters to better select options during the fitting process and explore subtle differences between heads and shafts from different manufacturers. No other fitter comes close to this understanding of the equipment they fit.

Fitting Process
All our sites are range-based, hitting from indoors onto the range using Pro V1 golf balls. This allows us to see ball flight and tune it to the individual client. All fittings include grass-based testing with the added understanding of turf interaction needed for some clubs. The fitting process relies on the in-house developed software we use in conjunction with the experience of our fitters. All the testing and information gathered generates an outcome no other fitter can come close to equalling.

Club Build
All this complexity is useless if we can't build clubs to the final specification. We use just as much technology in the build shop to achieve the perfect build. We use our own design grip off frequency machine to digital loft lie measurement and dedicated club builders focused on quality to ensure a higher than tour-level build outcome. Others may build with the same components, but none can reproduce the clubs we make and the performance we deliver, regardless of what they say.

If you are looking for the best performing set of clubs, whether you are a touring pro or high handicapper.

Cool Clubs will help you Play Better Golf.

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