Hands down it was the best.

Morning Jeff,

Wanted to give you some feedback on my recent fitting with Dan and Jack.

Hands down, it was the best golf customer service and product experience I've ever had. No question, Cool Clubs is the benchmark for custom fitting options in Melbourne. Nothing else comes close.

I've had many prior experiences with many custom fitters aligned and vendor neutral all of which aren't in the same league.

Having Dan and Jack walk me through the customised software that recommends multiple shaft options, complete with all the shaft profile statistics shown on the dual big screens is very classy and professional. It's what you?d expect from a premium offering.

It makes you feel like a PGA Tour Pro getting clubs to fit you with your unique swing characteristics. Being a numbers guy, this was outstanding, especially having Dan and Jack explain the EI curve and other shaft metrics. They even went further to speak to how the 3 wood I ended up purchasing matched up with my driver. They certainly go above and beyond which I really appreciated.

Well done on finally bringing something to Melbourne that will have a profound impact on how people play golf. Confidence is key and I now have a 3 wood for the first time ever that I can rip without any fear, knowing what the testing numbers said and the thorough process conducted.

Keep up the great work and I hope you grow the Cool Clubs business in Melbourne.


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