Grip Torque

If you have ever tried to research good information on grips and grip sizing you may not have found much to help you make a decision.

This is mainly because there are so many variations of how a player grips a club and the many different sizes of players hands.

Chart of dispersion with different grips

This graph shows how different grip types can have a dramatic affect on dispersion with a 3 wood.

Grip Measurement

To measure and create a standard is almost impossible. An environment to feel and test options is the only way to get consistent results. Measuring a players hands definitely helps a fitters understanding, but even this is a little static and may not feel perfect once the club is in motion.

Chasing Feel May Hurt Your Game

One thing we have highlighted at Cool Clubs is that torque or twist in a grip has no real positive effects on a golfer’s swing or club delivery.

Grips that feel spongy and soft may feel “comfortable” but will often have an amount they can twist. Our testing has shown that grips with the ability to twist or move even only a little (especially in the lead hand section) cause players to swing the club inconsistently and deliver the club poorly compared to a harder compound or less “torqued” grip.

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