Not The Cheapest, Just the Best

Had a tee to wedge fitting at Cool Clubs, Carrarra w/- Luke Prosser. The whole process was relaxed and very well explained by Luke. I told Luke at the start I liked my current iron heads, feel and sound and as they were a current model(apex cf16 heads,4-PW) & suited me we concentrated on a better shaft fit.
Luke answered my questions about trackman/shafts/heads etc in a straight forward manner. E.g. That won't suit because...this is good for you because...Luke explained the numbers and why we were testing different shafts.
At first I was sceptical that I could hit my irons/driver as far as trackman said and 'puring my shafts' would make a difference. But I did get my irons reshafted & specs changed, to what was recommended by Luke.
Now I'm SOLD!! WORTH EVERY CENT. Not the cheapest, just the best. They are as good on course as on trackman. Picked up 10mts carry on irons AND they stop on the greens. My accuracy & distance control has improved greatly. Can't wait to get my driver, 3wd and wedges. Wish I'd gone years ago when I first heard about Cool Clubs. THANKS LUKE AND COOL CLUBS.


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