Very Enjoyable Experience

I had a very enjoyable fitting experience with Brad and feedback on the whole process is as follows:

Style & Communication

Brad has a very relaxed style and is a very good communicator which is important during the fitting process as he asks questions that makes you think about feedback on the different shaft/head combinations. In my opinion this is in turn helps Brad to fine tune the right shaft and head combination. I won’t go into detail about my fitting results but it was amazing how good the right shaft and club head felt which was then backed up by the Trackman data .


The Narrabeen facility is fantastic as you get to see the ball flight in the air instead of hitting it into an indoor screen at other fitting locations. Also you hit off mats and grass so you get to test clubs in real conditions as per a golf course.


You guys are brand neutral and don’t push certain products as I have experienced at other fitting companies in the past. Also there is no pressure to sell product just for the sake of it and an example was suggestion from Brad that a number of my existing clubs were fine to keep in the bag.

Overall highly recommended!!              

Kind Regards,

Gary Molam,

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